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Solutions for the industrial environment

Spec Industry provides innovative and cost effective solutions to protect workers from the hazards of the industrial work environment and helps industrial clients be compliant with current OSHA rules and regulations.

Using years of experience, our personnel are well suited to analyze your industrial safety needs so that lost production time is minimized. Spec industry professionals are trained in the most rigid standards - they are literally the best of the best in the country.

Services offered include identification of hazardous environments, recommendations for systems to protect workers from hazardous environments, and training requirements based on current rules, standards and regulations that apply to industry. Spec can do training, stand-by, access, anything that is needed to make things run smoothly for our Industry clients while meeting the required national standards.


Protecting workers that need to work at height is paramount. Spec Industry has a proven track record of designing and installing fall arrest systems that are compliant with today's industry standards. Our fall arrest systems are designed and certified by structural engineers and installed only utilizing rated equipment made in the USA.


Spec Industry Confined Space Stand-by Techs are certified fire and rescue personnel who are uniquely situated to provide the highest level of stand-by rescue services. Our providers are not only highly trained and skilled, but they also have current medical provider certifications.


Industrial workers need specific training to safely perform their work. Whether it is basic first aid, CPR, awareness of "non-entry" rescue procedures and understanding OSHA requirements or advanced confined space entry and rescue operations in a more complex environment, Spec Industry can design, tailor, and present educational programs that will reduce risk to keep workers safe.

"Working with Spec helps control project costs and keep downtime to a minimum. Plus the extensive safety training and experience that Spec provides gives us full confidence that work is being performed and supervised in the safest manner for all involved."

-- Dana Kelly/HBH Industrial Services, Inc.

We customize solutions to match our clients needs addressing the complexity of their particular situation to ensure compliance in a cost effective manner. Spec takes an active approach to your team’s safety and production needs, contact us today for the best solution for your team!

To connect with Spec about EXPERT SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRY, give us a call at: 757-468-4513

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