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JANUARY 9-12, 2023

As an exercise designer, planner and support for Team Corps Solutions contract Training Support Services (TSS) - M00264-16-D-0003 – Initial Response Force Training Exercise – January 9-12, 2023, Spec International and it’s staff coordinated and partnered with Corps Solutions and CBIRF in presenting a 2 day - 36 consecutive hour, company level response to a simulated nuclear detonation in a metro area of the United States. Since the inception of the previous TSS contract and award of the current TSS contract Spec International has provided the Tier 1 sub-contracting support for 11 similar exercises for CBIRF. Additionally, it has supported a Capstone large scale CBIRF CERTEX (Certification Exercise) at Guardian Centers – Georgia - every year since 2015.

Design and planning incorporated goals and enabling objectives identified by CBIRF chain of command and execution of said benchmarks on an appropriate facility or training site capable of sustaining 36 hour continuous operations designed to meet the Training and Readiness (T&R) goals set forth in NAVMC 3500.29B. As such those goals include exercising troop movement, continuous detection and monitoring of contaminated chem bio environments, wide area search and rescue, technical rescue, extraction and decontamination of victims and medical treatment, processing and transfer of civilian casualties and support for CBIRF forces.

During the execution of these goals and objectives for this event, CBIRF “A” Platoon staged some 2 miles from the training facility (one of several “Mout Town” venues on Quantico). Operations included Command and Control (C&C) efforts moving downrange during day and night hours, facilitating continuous detection and monitoring for radiation effects, prosecuting search and rescue operations in a choreographed operation allowing for safe entry into the contaminated areas, conducting search and technical rescue efforts throughout the area and in some 20 buildings. T&R goals included continuous monitoring, searching and marketing all areas, vehicles and buildings, conducting breaching, breaking, shoring and moving operations required for safe entry and rescue and assessing, triaging, treating and transporting over 150 moulage role players and or manikins during the 36 hours. Spec International provided experienced subject matter experts to support incident command, technical rescue operations, chem bio-SMEs to identify various contaminated environments with realistic monitoring readings and support for decon and medical assistance capabilities.

The coordinated efforts of Team Corps Solutions, CBIRF and Spec International provide ample testimony to why the USMC Chemical Biological Incident Response Force is such a proficient DoD and national asset for National Level Events (NLE) nationally and internationally.

To connect with Spec about EXPERT TRAINING SOLUTIONS, give us a call at: 757-468-4513

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