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Spec Rescue provides world class technical rescue training and consultation. Our courses meet NFPA guidelines and strive to challenge students with real life scenarios and  application. Through strategic partnerships, we can offer turnkey training solutions in a vast number of mission critical areas.

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Spec International was built on the fundamentals of training. Our instructors are professionals at the forefront of the industry and all have real life experiences that they can draw from to prepare others to deal with emergency situations. Spec builds training simulators based on real world scenarios and adapts instruction to address each client's specific needs. 

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Confined Space Rescue Capabilities

Whether you're just starting in confined space operations or you are an experienced team, Spec Rescue International offers the most comprehensive source of confined space training in the world.

trench training

As professional rescuers ourselves we know that national guidelines and standards are important to you. Classes can be custom designed to emphasize your areas of specific need, to maintain regulatory compliance and to enhance proficiency.

vehicle/machinery rescue

Spec offers NFPA 1006 2021 Version compliant instruction covering planning, preparation and execution of  common passenger vehicle, heavy vehicle and  machinery rescue incidents.

rope training

From tying a knot to building a highline across the New River Gorge in West Virginia, we provide all manner of fire service, industrial and DoD Rope Training. Supported by NFPA and OSHA standards, our subject matter experts and curriculums provide the latest and most current rope theory, techniques and equipment.

structural collapse training

We understand that structural collapse training is a big investment of time and money and have created a program that allows you flexibility in your training strategy. Our Structural Collapse Programs are ODP/DHS grant approved.

technical rescue training

Our training is unique in that we focus on not just the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to succeed but in our 'hidden modules' we focus on teamwork, team life cycles and team decision training.

water rescue training

The Spec Rescue International Water Rescue Program meets the NFPA 1670 and 1006 Standards.

exercise design

Whether a client needs a tailored HSEEP supported exercise for a 500 man DoD event, a National Level Event simulated exercise or a flexible one or two day Special Focused Event (SFE) for a local agency, our exercise designers and observer controller, evaluators can do it all.

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"After more than three decades in the technical rescue field which includes attending tons of training from numerous institutions and vendors, I can honestly say no one comes close to the level of performance that has been consistently displayed by Spec and its instructors."

les mccormick, fire chief

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue

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