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Spec Built uses years of experience in the classroom and real-world response to create training props and simulators to enhance training programs. From large collapse rubble piles and Conex box trench/confined space trainers to small machinery props for the classroom, we can design and build practical training facilities to fit your needs.

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Contact Spec for an Initial Design Consultation to Assess Your Needs

Bob Hnatko

Rescue props built by rescue professionals
to replicate challenging real world scenarios
Training venues

The Spec team can help with the creation of your training site. From consulting services for the design and layout to construction of large props and training simulators, we strive to bring our real-world experience to you.

Large training props

Single use or multi-function props can be added to your training center to provide your team the opportunity to train and refine skills. Our team will design the props with your requirements and vision to provide you with the most cost-efficient solution.

Mobile Props

Not everyone can get to the training center, so the training center must come to them. Props designed to be brought into the classroom or the apparatus bay allow your team to train without the hassle or time it takes to go off site. They can be moved from site to site or put in storage until they are needed again.

custom construction

Do you have an idea or need modifications to your existing venue? Feel free to reach out to us and our team can discuss options.

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