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Giants in the Industry

Each of the four partners who founded Spec had specific interest and expertise in different aspects of technical rescue which combined to create a very successful business that provides a complete package of solutions for government, military, and industry customers.

Pre-eminent in the technical rescue profession, Spec leadership has literally written the textbooks on rope rescue (Mike Brown – Engineering Practical Rope Rescue Systems by Delmar), trench rescue (Buddy Martinette – Trench Rescue Principles and Practices to NFPA 1006 and 1670 by Jones & Bartlett), and confined space rescue (Chase Sargent – Confined Space Rescue by Pennwell). Dean Paderick, who has written many articles and papers, is the patriarch of technical rescue in the United States. He not only developed many of the technical rescue procedures we use today but many of the tools we use to deploy those procedures. You can ask almost any manufacturer of technical rescue equipment and they will say that Dean has a hand in making their product better. Together, the “Four Horseman”, as they are affectionately called, have given hundreds of lectures to thousands of students across almost every continent in the World.

Consistently delivering solutions that are customized to the task, compliant and well executed requires a team of professionals with real life experience and a passion for training others. Spec has recruited the best in the industry and maintains an instructor pool that is poised to respond to jobs of all sizes. Equipped like no other, Spec can provide not only the expertise but also the equipment to train and respond to your needs. With full liability insurance, Spec offers solutions that are turnkey ready and right sized for every situation.

Connect with Spec to Engage Experts for Your Custom Solution

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