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Spec International is pleased to announce that Rich Alfes has been hired to fill the Educational Services Director position.  This key role in the company will be responsible for all curriculum development, update, and delivery.  “Rich’s extensive background in instructional methodology, along with his 30 plus years of real-world experience, will be instrumental in taking Spec International to an even higher level of professional technical rescue training delivery and we are very pleased he has joined our team,”  --  CEO Buddy Martinette

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Want to be a part of our team?  We are always looking for high performance instructors in all areas of technical rescue.  The preferred candidate is professional, hardworking, wants to be a part of a team that has no compromises when it comes to teaching technical rescue, cares about students and understands that what they teach will one day help the student save their life and others lives, and likes it better when environmental factors are the toughest.


For more information, a copy of our Instructor Job Description, and a list of benefits, complete the form below.

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"Spec Rescue International is an amazing company to work for. The first time you meet their incredible team you have that instant family feeling. Working for Spec Rescue international has enriched my technical rescue career by working alongside the best in the world.

Brian Roberts

Fire chief & Spec Instructor

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