Spec Resuce

Military & Law Enforcement Special Ops Programs

We provide a wide range of training to military and law enforcement special operations teams and SWAT/Special Response Teams. Because of security agreements we are unable to describe in depth what the course curriculum entails. Listed below are the programs most sought after and taught.


Precious Cargo Program (PC) (SOC)

Designed for the team that may have a need to move precious cargo including personnel, equipment, shapes or other items in all terrain environments. 5 days hands on training and classroom.

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Tactical Operations in a Contaminated Environment

Designed for tactical and special operations teams who may be required to perform reconnaissance, surveillance or CQB in a chemically contaminated environment. Includes applications of PPE, decontamination, tactical and strategic considerations, CQB operations and firearms applications in chemical protective clothing and much more. 5 Days of intensive hands on training and classroom.

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Working in and around Collapsed and Bombed Structures for Intelligence Gathering

Many agencies must now work in urban environments and in collapsed or unstable structures while gathering intelligence or establishing clear areas. This program focuses on the information needed to function safely and effectively in this environment.

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