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Course Descriptions

When you see Awareness, Operations and Technician we are describing a specific level of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) which students receive at that level of training. In many contexts it represents a direct alignment with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards or with OSHA job descriptions.


Awareness training is the most important training most organizations ever receive. All awareness level programs regardless of length are designed to allow your members to identify potential risks, hazards and problems at incidents and take the appropriate action to protect themselves, render the scene safer and begin the implementation of an incident command system. Learning what you can do and what you cannot do are critical to survival and successful outcomes.


Operations level training represents the first true opportunity for rescue teams to engage in offensive operations. Depending on the type and scope of activity Operations level training provides a specific set of knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to and mitigate certain types of hazards for specific types of incidents. In a stair stepping approach Operations personnel support Technician level personnel at a wide range of operations.


Take action to deal with problems. Rescue workers for public and private organizations turn to Spec Rescue for this highest level of technical training. Whether training on helicopter, water rescue or rope rescue at thousands of feet off the ground, these courses are designed for the serious rescue technician. Most offerings include intense, hands-on fieldwork, which is required to learn the technical skills required to effectively deal with a variety of emergency situations.


If you have a unique response problem, an advanced team or a specific need for training or continuing education, let us know. We thrive on listening to your needs and presenting you with a course that will exceed your expectations and challenge your team members. We design and offer specialty course for firefighters, industrial brigades, military, and EMS and law enforcement. Additionally we can and have developed corporate programs to challenge you executives and staff to reach greater heights.

How to use this Web site

Use this catalog as a guideline for courses and our areas of expertise. Then, please call us to discuss how we can modify courses to fit your needs. Our training is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. When the going gets rough, people do not rise to the occasion - rather, they fall back on their training. Make sure your team falls back on the best training in the world with Spec Rescue.

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